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About the Product

Haulink is an app that helps to connect truckers with construction sites. It solves one of the trucking industry's critical problems: matching the fleet owners with suitable projects and vice versa.


The current process depends a lot on paperwork. The result is a highly inefficient process and a lot of room for errors. Helps automate the entire job application process and gives back valuable time for business owners and truckers. 


iOS application for Truck Driver, Sub-contractor and Admin managment web application. 

My Role

As a main designer, my role is to overhaul the entire app experience and create a functional and consistent visual system for mobile and desktop experiences. 


Haulink Low fidelity wireframeHaulink User Flow Map

Conduct user interviews to learn more about the trucking business and understand the pain points. From our discovery, we then identified different user types, their primary goals, and how the system can help them achieve their goals.


Create a wireframe and clickable prototype. Continue getting feedbacks from the stakeholders and user to quickly iterate the designs

Contractor pageDriver Flow HaulinkContractor Flow Mobile View
Contractor Flow

Admin Back-end

Driver Flow


Top Too much information and the design is lacking visual hierarchy
Bottom Reduce cognitive load. Only present neccessary information and use of iconography for quick read 

Left Too much information and the design is lacking visual hierarchy
Right Reduce cognitive overload. Grouping information for quick read 

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Since the launch, more than a hundred truckers and business owners have been using the app, which received an average of 4.5/5 rating on the App Store.

We are currently getting feedback from the users, updating the app regularly, and adding new features to the current platform. The goal is to provide the most user-friendly experience for the customers.  

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