About the Product

NannyTrain is an integrated web page and mobile platform that provide parents and nannies with weekly educational activities for their babies.


Even though the deliverable is only the clickable prototype, I also ensure we keep the user experience and the app or website as intuitive as possible.


Visual clickable prototype for iOS and Web Application

My Role

My role in this project is to create a visual clickable prototype that can help the client shows the proof of concept to the investors.


Haulink User Flow Map

The first step is to understand the two primary users of the app, which are the parents and nannies. With no budget for user interviews, I have to be more creative in understanding our target user's needs & wants. Joining Facebook Nanny groups and Parents groups is one way to get into the users' frame of mind. I read through different threads and posted questions to understand how nannies currently plan the activities with the kids. With my research and understanding, I started to sketch the ideas for both the web and mobile apps. We continue through different rounds of iteration and get feedback to come up with the final product.


The nanny checks the mobile app daily for which activities they should do with the babies. For the nannies speaking English as the second language, the app also can translate the lessons to the nanny's native language. Nanny can also communicate with the parents through the app to keep the parents up to date with the kids' progress.

The parents use the Web portal to plan for the weekly lessons. They can also have a quick overview of the kids' activities and provide the emergency contact for the nanny. It's also a way for the parents to keep track of their babies' milestones and developments.


At the end of the project, the client was able to see his idea come to life. We created the visual prototype and also the experience for the users that can help convey the solution to the investors. They would be able to walk through the mobile and the web app to understand how this app could help the parents be part of their kids' developments.

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