Revamping Gentem's
Billing System


About the Project

Gentem, a medical billing and revenue solution provider for healthcare practices, recognized the need to transform their invoicing process. The existing workflow was manual, leading to payment defaults and a high volume of customer inquiries.


The manual invoicing process resulted in inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Confusing invoices led to payment defaults, impacting revenue. Customer support was overwhelmed with inquiries about invoices.


Redesigned Patient Billing Interface and Process

My Role

As the sole UX expert, I led the project, collaborating closely with Business Operations, Product Management, and Engineers to streamline workflow and address pain points.


I began with research, aimed at understanding our invoicing pain points, followed by a user-friendly design and iterative improvements with input from our team.

Challenges & Pain Points:

  • Manual Workflow: The manual invoicing process resulted in inefficiencies and inaccuracies.
  • Payment Defaults: Confusing invoices led to payment defaults, impacting revenue.
  • High Support Overhead: Customer support was overwhelmed with inquiries about invoices.


Collaborated with the Business Operations Analyst to understand current workflow through interviews and surveys with internal teams and clients and worked closely with the Product Manager to align the project with business goals.

From a quick sketch to high-fidelity wireframes, I collaborated with the engineering team, addressing issues and iterating through designs. We showcased the prototype to customers for feedback, adapting to the busy schedules of physicians by collecting email input. This collaborative effort ensured a successful feature launch, delivering a refined user experience.

I listed all the billing terms that previously lacked official definitions within the system. Seeking clarity, I engaged in thoughtful discussions to ensure a comprehensive understanding. To streamline the process, I collaborated with our copywriter, refining and redefining the terminology for precision.

During the research phase, I identified a significant knowledge gap within the team regarding fee structures and their calculations. To get to the root of the problem,  I organized a collaborative session, I aimed to collect and document essential information. This proactive approach not only clarified the fee structures but also nurtured a shared understanding among the engineering team, business operations, and stakeholders


Before: Before the redesign, the Fee Details page lacked clarity. It didn't show how fees were calculated or the recoup amount. Invoice period details were missing, leaving users uncertain about the timeframe. Direct payments were impossible, requiring manual emails from the Gentem team. Customers were also in the dark about which claims were tied to their invoice charges, creating confusion.

Alerts, Links, and Voided Invoices for Customer Convenience: To ensure customers are fully informed about their billing, I introduced notification emails before payments, keeping them in the loop. In case of a transaction failure, customers receive alerts with a convenient link to view and make payments directly from the email. I also addressed instances of voided invoices, saving time on issuing refunds and enhancing overall efficiency.

After: After the redesign, our system is a game-changer! It now shows the Bill Date and clear fee descriptions for each month, grouped neatly. No more hassle with reconciliations; we make it crystal clear. The customers will know the monthly due date and see instantly if they've paid. Even if there's a payment hiccup or customers prefer manual payments, it's a breeze. This has been a massive success, boosting our payment rate to a steady $150,000 every month!

Before: Before the redesign, the historical billing page was quite a puzzle. It presented customers with a jumble of different fees, spanning all claims since the beginning, leaving them with the daunting task of manually calculating and reconciling the fees to align with what Gentem billed them. There was also no mechanism in place to track which month's fees had been paid and which were pending. Customers lacked the convenience of using their credit cards for one-time payments if they weren't automatically enrolled in the monthly payment plan. This made the billing process unnecessarily complex and time-consuming for our users.

After: we've made significant improvements. Now, the Fee Details page clearly shows what customers are being charged for and how fees are calculated. Customers can view claim details and benefit from tooltips explaining fees. We've added flexibility for custom fee items on the backend with minimal development time. This update has drastically reduced email inquiries about monthly invoices, down to less than 3% from 10%. It's been a win for clarity and efficiency!

Tangible Results

The results were astounding. We now enjoy a dependable monthly cash flow of approximately $150,000, ensuring financial stability and predictability. Additionally, customer inquiries and calls reduced dramatically, plummeting from 10% to an astonishingly low 3%. This relieved the burden on our support team and saved valuable time for both customers and our internal operations.

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